Below shows some examples of conditions and signs that you animal may benefit from physiotherapy.



• Osteoarthritis
• Back pain
• Kissing spines
• Locking/ injured stifles
• Sacroiliac conditions
• Muscle strains
• Tendon injury
• Fractures
• Haematomas
• Nerve damage
• Bite or kick injuries
• Post-surgery


  • Osteoarthritis

  • Hip/ elbow dysplasia

  • Cruciate ligament Injury

  • Patella luxation

  • Amputees

  • Following injury or surgery

  • Fractures

  • Muscle, tendon and ligament strain

  • Spinal injury

  • Neurological conditions (e.g. IVDD, Wobblers syndrome)

Signs there is a problem:

Changes in behaviour normally indicate pain or discomfort. This can be expressed through changes in personality, reduced activity or stiff movement. Horses may buck, rear or refuse to jump. Dogs may show reluctance to run, go up or down steps or get on the sofa.

Reduced performance is often related to musculoskeletal pain or weakness in equine and canine athletes. Examples include; reduced jumping height, reduced speed or stride length and incorrect canter lead (horses). 

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